MultimediaPiano.com exists to promote Multimedia Piano Studio and to assist in training piano students by integrating technology with standard music curriculum. MPS utilizes music technology and online learning objects to create and sustain interest, motivate learners, inspire creativity, and meet piano performance goals.  

Learning to play piano is a complex endeavor.  The founder of MPS is of the opinion that traditional acoustic piano instruction is more fun and more effective when supplemented by a variety of systematic multimedia computer programs which are connected to our electronic keyboards through MIDI. At Multimedia Piano Studio, computer-based, mastery drill programs and games contribute to the development sight-reading, listening, and motor skills. This approach increases learner engagement and satisfaction through interactivity and learner control of instructional pace. Also, it provides learners the opportunity to receive instantaneous, consistent, and clear performance feedback. There is no doubt that learners grow musically through manipulating musical signs and symbols through computer composition and recording programs at our lab stations. Such assignments reinforce critical theory concepts, encourage creativity, and promote composition.  

In the quest to provide superior piano instruction, methods books, educational software, and online learning resources are continually being evaluated. You can be confident that MPS intends to implement training objects which prove to enhance aural discrimination, increase theoretical knowledge, and improve keyboard performance.  

Email:   ottrmass@gmail.com  

      Scott Massey,

Music Theory & Counterpoint Specialist
  BA Christian Education
  MS Instructional Design & Technology