This page contains links to MPS ASYNCHRONOUS ONLINE PIANO LESSONS and to other useful learning aids. These Flash-based asynchronous lessons have been designed for learners at least 8 years of age. To activate them, you must have Adobe Flash  player 11.2 or higher installed on your device. The blue and red lesson titles below are linked to FREE interactive, multimedia content. Please be patient if you decide to view Early Beginner Introduction: Asynchronous Lessons. It is a large file that can take two or three minutes to load into your browser using a high-speed connection. The numbered lessons load much faster. The asynchronous lessons were designed at 960 x 720 pixels. Therefore, adjusting your monitor screen resolution to 1280 X 1024 (or something similar) will likely result in the best display size for the lesson interface. The screen resolution adjustment can be made through your computer OS control panel.

Black lesson titles are "for purchase" lessons. They are linked to the Asynchronous Lessons Computer Requirements and Payments page. When you buy four lessons, the price is $17.49 per lesson. If you buy the minumum of two lessons at a time, the price is $24.98 per lesson. Prices include interactive content, individualized/immediate feedback on embedded practice exercise responses, and written feedback on song performances using the MPS Piano Performance Grading Rubric. To obtain song performance feedback, the learner/guardian uploads audio of performances to SoundCloud or uploads video performance to YouTube and notifies the instructor by email. Written rubric feedback is sent to your email account as a PDF attachment.

EARLY BEGINNER LESSONS for Children- No prior knowledge is assumed.

Early Beginner Introduction: Asynchronous Lessons

Early Lesson 1: White Key Names

Early Lesson 2: Moving to Black Keys

The Staff Worksheet 1 (PDF)

Staff Pitches Related to Keyboard (PDF)

Early Lesson 3: Rhythm, Notes, and the Treble Staff

The Staff: High and Low Worksheet 2 (PDF)

"Ode to Joy" (Flash)

"Ode to Joy" (PDF)

"Ode To Joy": (Demo)

Early Lesson 4a: More Rhythm and Rests

                    The Staff: Treble Clef Worksheet 3 (PDF)

Early Lesson 4b:
The Bass Staff

                    The Staff: Bass Clef Worksheet 4 (PDF)
                    Bass Clef Practice (PDF)

           Five-note of C Scale, HS and HT (Demo)

Early Lesson 4: Quiz and "Bassy Tune"

          Early Lesson 5: Repeated Notes, Steps, and Skips         

Repeats, Steps, and Skips Worksheet (PDF)

Early Lesson 6:  Generic Intervals

Early Lesson 7:  Landmarks and Spot-placing

          Early Lesson 8:  Articulation

          Early Lesson 9:  Time Signatures

          Early Lesson 10: Dynamics

          Early Lesson 11: Tempo and Using a Metronome

Early Lesson 12: Major Scale Pattern 

Early Lesson 13:  Key Signatures

Early Lesson 14: Solfeggio

Early Lesson 15:  Baroque Music Project


C Major scale 
          G Major scale 

          D Major scale 

          A Major scale  

          E Major scale  

          B Major scale

          F# Major scale

          C# Major scale         

          F Major scale

          Bb Major scale

          Eb Major scale

          Ab Major scale

          Db Major scale

          Gb Major scale

          Cb Major scale

          The 12 Major Scales around the Circle of Fifths




Theory Quiz 1

Theory Quiz 2

Theory Quiz 3


African American Music Interactive


Musical Terms
LATE BEGINNER LESSONS for Children- Early Beginner knowledge is assumed.

Late Lesson 1:  Repeats and Endings

Late Lesson 2:  Audiation and Ear Training

         Late Lesson 3: 
Scale Degree Names & Finger Builders

Late Lesson 4:  Dotted Notes and Rests

         Late Lesson 5:  Construct/Use Major and Minor Triads

         Late Lesson 6:  Construct/Use Diminished & Augmented Triads

Late Lesson 7:  Major Triad Inversions

Late Lesson 8:  Minor Triad Inversions

Late Lesson 9:  Bass Accompaniment Patterns

Late Lesson 10: The 1-4-5 Chord Progression

Late Lesson 11: Distinguishing Triad Types by Ear

Late Lesson 12: Classical Music Project

EARLY INTERMEDIATE LESSONS- Early Beginner and Late Beginner knowledge is assumed.

         Early Intermediate Lesson 1:  Melody and Harmony

         Early Intermediate Lesson 2: 
Straight vs. Swing Eighth Notes

Early Intermediate Lesson 3:  Major Cadences

Early Intermediate Lesson 4:  Major Arpeggios

         Early Intermediate Lesson 5:  Major Diatonic Triads

Early Intermediate Lesson 6:  Specific Intervals

Early Intermediate Lesson 7:  The Circle of Fifths

Early Intermediate Lesson 8:  The Relative Minor Scale

Early Intermediate Lesson 9:  The Harmonic Minor Scale

Early Intermediate Lesson 10: Trad. & Real Melodic Minor Scale

Early Intermediate Lesson 11: The Blues Scale

Early Intermediate Lesson 12: Contemporary Music Project       

         A Harmonic Minor Scale

         E Harmonic Minor Scale

         B Harmonic Minor Scale

         F# Harmonic Minor Scale

         C# Harmonic Minor Scale

         G# Harmonic Minor Scale

D# Harmonic Minor Scale

         A# Harmonic Minor Scale

         D Harmonic Minor Scale

         G Harmonic Minor Scale

         C Harmonic Minor Scale

         F Harmonic Minor Scale

         Bb Harmonic Minor Scale

         Eb Harmonic Minor Scale

         Ab Harmonic Minor Scale

        The 12 Harmonic Minor Scales around the Circle of Fifths


Music Theory 

Online Music Theory Flash Cards

Staff Paper  


          Dallas Symphony

Interactive virtual world 

New York Philharmonic
San Francisco Symphony