Sync Online Lessons

Please Note:

Synchronous online lessons are for learners aged 10 to adulthood. You can view an example of synchronous lessons.  All synchronous lessons must be scheduled in advance by contacting the instructor at (904) 253-3221, through the contact us page, or by email.

I.  Synchronous Online Lessons- Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)   

A.  Description

Live audio/video conferencing lessons via the Internet for beginning through intermediate students. Learners who select 45 minute lessons or 1 hour lessons also receive a weekly updated personal studio web page for assignments, lesson comments, links to online learning objects, backing track recordings, duet accompaniments, and audio visual demonstrations.  

B.  Qualifications

1.  Computer requirements for VLE:

a.  PC operating system- of Vista, Windows XP, 7, or 8

b.  MAC operating system- OS X, Mountain Lion, or Snow Leopard

c.  Requires minimum of an AMD Dual Core or Core Duo CPU 

d.  Requires minimum of 2 GB of RAM

2.  High speed cable or DSL internet connection. A direct connection to modem works best.

3.  Medium to high quality webcam with built in microphone (such as a Logitech C600 or one built into laptop). Although not
     essential, a USB condenser microphone is preferred to increase audio quality.

4.  Most recent update of Adobe Flash Player installed (free download)

5.  Connect add-in (free download)

6.  Computer speaker headphones

7.  Acoustic piano or digital keyboard

C.  Payment Options


Use the drop-down menu to select your preferred lesson duration and use the Subscribe button to begin making monthly payments. The Paypal charge recurs each month. At any time you wish to discontinue lessons, you can use the Unsubscribe button to cancel your monthly payments.


Use the drop-down menu to select your preferred lesson duration and use the Buy Now button to make a payment. This Paypal charge does not recur each month. If you wish to continue lessons after your month is completed, you will have to come back to the webpage and submit another payment each month. All payments are due on the last lesson date of the previously paid period in order to schedule your lessons in advance.

Single Payments